Bill Maher is Wrong.

By Sara Beth Johnson                 On Bill’s program Realtime on HBO, the host went off the rails claiming that kids were rapidly deciding that they were trans.  While gender dysphoria is extremely rare, the social world we live in has given voice to share stories, but in order to transition to the opposite gender, there […]

Republican Lies

By Sara Beth Johnson Republicans are lying to the American people about trans-children.  Even though children who are trans are rare, the republicans have decided that passing laws they say that protect children are in fact harming them.  I’ve said before that not allowing gender-affirming care to trans-children is harmful and raises the suicide risk […]

Bathroom Bills

By Sara Beth Johnson I want to write about student stress that trans-girls and trans-boys experience in school when they have to use the bathroom of the opposite bathroom of their true gender. Students who are trans should be able to use the bathroom that matches their gender. It’s wrong to say a student should […]

He could have just said no and walked away

By Sara Beth Johnson The recent killing of a defenseless trans-woman has rocked Vermont with sadness and a feeling of shock.  Trans-women have hard enough lives as it is, but to have to worry that a person you are spending time with might kill you is another thing.  I didn’t know Fern Feather, but I […]

Vermont needs to protect our citizens from hateful politicians.

By Sara Beth Johnson Vermont has always been a place where people could be who they are without being criticized for their appearance or gender.  We pride ourselves for that in letting people live the way they want without judgement.  It’s important to say that our way of life is threatened by people who want […]

The Texas Saga Continues

The Texas Saga Continues By Sara Beth Johnson Two weeks ago, a judge in Texas put a stop to the investigation of a family whose child was receiving trans-affirming care.  This did not stop child protective services from knocking on the doors of other families in Texas who have trans-teens.  Trans-affirming care is not child […]

Trans Advocates Response to Texas

By Sara Beth Johnson Republicans are clearly using trans-children as political pawns in a bid to reelect Governor Abbott in Texas.  On March 2nd, the governor’s top strategist said that the issue was a winning one for the governor.  The fact that Abbott thinks that harming children to win an election is morally wrong.  Moreover, […]