By Sara Beth Johnson

Vermont has always been a place where people could be who they are without being criticized for their appearance or gender.  We pride ourselves for that in letting people live the way they want without judgement.  It’s important to say that our way of life is threatened by people who want to tell us how to live.  This includes republicans who are bringing Florida politics to our Green Mountains. 

Trans-people are threatened by these people who think they know better than us on how we should live our lives.  We have the right to be who we want to be and live the way we want.  Those who want to deny our rights have no business in our great State.

I am not a Vermonter, I’ve only been living here for 30 plus years, but I have adopted the Vermont lifestyle and know what’s right for its citizens.

As trans-people, we must fight for our rights again.  Support politicians who will protect our rights, not those who will hurt us.