By Sara Beth Johnson

Republicans are lying to the American people about trans-children.  Even though children who are trans are rare, the republicans have decided that passing laws they say that protect children are in fact harming them.  I’ve said before that not allowing gender-affirming care to trans-children is harmful and raises the suicide risk of those children.  Also making children wait until they are adults only delays the inevitable.  We, as Americans need to protect our children from Bible thumping Republicans who want to indoctrinate Americans into their flock.

Religion is behind all of this.  Those who claim to be speaking for God, think they know what’s best for us.  People need freedom from religion, especially if it means not being allowed to be yourself. 

We as progressives need to BAN RELIGION and make America a religion free society.  See how republicans deal with that! 

You want to mess with our lives, then we will mess with yours.