By Sara Beth Johnson

I want to write about student stress that trans-girls and trans-boys experience in school when they have to use the bathroom of the opposite bathroom of their true gender.

Students who are trans should be able to use the bathroom that matches their gender.

It’s wrong to say a student should use the bathroom of their “God-given” gender, although that quote could be taken either way because it’s up to the individual to determine what is their God-given gender.   If someone asked me, I would say my gender is female, I was born this way, even though my brain sex was female, and I had to feminize my body.

Getting back to what I was saying, there is no harm to cis woman when trans women use the women’s room.   We are there to go because it’s human nature to empty our bowels.  That’s all. 

Most people who oppose trans-people from using the bathroom that matches their gender don’t understand us.  They haven’t done any research and believe the people who are spewing hate.

Trans-Students undergo extreme stress when having to use the restroom that doesn’t match their gender.  Moreover, students who are gender non-binary might not have a bathroom to use.  Many bathrooms are not coed, but only marked for men or women.  When trans-students experience stress, their schoolwork can suffer, and suicide ideation might manifest in their minds.

            We’ve got to do better to protect our trans-youth from persecution.  Bathroom bills don’t belong in the public discourse.  Trans-kids should be allowed to pick which gendered bathroom to use in every State.