By Sara Beth Johnson

Republicans are clearly using trans-children as political pawns in a bid to reelect Governor Abbott in Texas.  On March 2nd, the governor’s top strategist said that the issue was a winning one for the governor.  The fact that Abbott thinks that harming children to win an election is morally wrong.  Moreover, the fact that the attorney general of Texas who started this fiasco called treating children for gender dysphoria as child abuse, was merely a way to hide what he is charged with and get the public’s mind on a wedge issue in some states.

Medical and psychological intervention is necessary for children who identify as trans.  Knowing you are another gender than you were assigned at birth and not getting support causes mental health crisis that are hard to manage.  Getting your child help for gender dysphoria is not child abuse, but rather saving the child’s life.

In fact, denying a child the right to be themselves can cause suicide or self-harm.  Aitken et al 2016 stated that Clinicians should routinely screen for the presence of suicidal ideation and behavior in children with gender dysphoria, particularly during the second half of childhood. 

No person should become a scapegoat in an election to score political points.  Abbott’s actions cause dismay among parents of trans-children when what they need is support from the community.