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Trans Advocates believe that trans-people have the same rights as everyone else in America.

 Our mission is to highlight the good in trans-people as well as what legislation could harm them.  Across our beautiful country is a land where trans-people exist in many communities.  We teach your children, fix your computers, counsel you when you need help.  We are computer science pros, counselors, bus drivers, photographers, restaurant workers, healthcare pros, police officers, members of the media and elected officials.  We are in every corner of the world, but we need help fighting for our rights.  Volunteers are members of the LGBTQIA cultural group.

The civil rights of trans people are threatened, and for that reason, we are asking for your help.  Please share our articles and sign up for our mailing lists!

We are a small organization looking to grow.  We need volunteers to do many things.

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Bill Maher is Wrong.

By Sara Beth Johnson                 On Bill’s program Realtime on HBO, the host went off the rails claiming that kids were rapidly deciding that they

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Republican Lies

By Sara Beth Johnson Republicans are lying to the American people about trans-children.  Even though children who are trans are rare, the republicans have decided

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Bathroom Bills

By Sara Beth Johnson I want to write about student stress that trans-girls and trans-boys experience in school when they have to use the bathroom

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We are located in Vermont, Trans Advocates of Vermont.

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